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Earth as Art at the Heckscher Musuem

Our planet has inspired artists even before the Lascaux cave paintings were made over 20,000 years ago, inspiring those to draw celestial lines between the stars to create constellations to the 20th century earthwork sculpture “Spiral Jetty” in Utah by American sculptor Robert Smithson. A new art show, Earth Muse: Art and the Environmentis exhibiting work by several artists who share their unique vision of earth’s beauty. The show is at the Heckscher Musuem in Huntington, Long Island through July 30, 2017.

Sea Change series

Sea Change series by Melissa Fleming

One of the artists in the show is a ClimateYou pal, artist Melissa Fleming, who founded The Weather Gamut, a website focusing on weather and climate change and other weather related phenomena. Fleming is showing 13 of her palladium photograms of ocean waves from her Sea Change series, work that lyrically portrays movement at sea, inviting us to a unique view of the universal patterns of water, light and air. Fleming’s artwork has been exhibited and collected internationally. The show also includes evocative aerial images of Long Island waters by Alex Ferrone, topographical constructions of the Adirondacks by Winn Rea, and photographs by Barbara Roux that encourage an alternate experience of familiar landscapes, while works by Michelle Stuart, Peter Beard, and Brandon Ballengée reflect on man’s place within nature and our impact on the environment.  A companion exhibition of Thaddeus Holownia’s monumental photographs of the forest at Walden Pond continues the meditative theme.

The Heckscher Museum of Art
2 Prime Avenue
Huntington, NY 11743

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