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Home Science Causes Trying to Save the Coral Reefs by City-Tech Blogger Dave

Trying to Save the Coral Reefs by City-Tech Blogger Dave

The article that I have found this week is about how ocean scientists will test 50 coral reefs around the world and test ways to limit damage from climate change, pollution and over fishing. They say record breaking heat, pollution and over-fishing threaten to wipe out 90 percent of all reefs by 2050. Last year was the warmest on record which caused damage to coral reefs all around the world.  Scientists want to first change the course of coral losses by attempting to safeguard corals. Some ways to do this include establish no fishing zones and cut pollution in coastal seas. The article says that some of the most disastrous effects of climate change are out of sight on the ocean floor. Warm waters can bleach corals by driving away algae. One in four types of fish spend part of their lives in coral reefs.

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  1. mistyUser

    thanks for your comment, Armin. The world is indeed watching how the coral reefs are changing. Perhaps the trend will slow and we can figure out how to save the reefs that are healthy.

  2. Armin Salazar

    It is astonishing to realize how much the earth can change within our life time. Some may think that coral reefs are only a small aspect of the ocean, and that is exactly why we should be more concerned. I know there is a lot more we have to study about coral reefs and the ecosystem they are a part of and that may be a lost opportunity.The rapid changes we are causing to the delicate ecosystem of the coral reef might be too much and they might not be able to adapt with the changes. We can very well see some species we know and love become extinct or even worst, unknown species of coral reefs and the fish that thrive with them lost to time.

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