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Home Technology Automobiles Let’s See More Hybrid Vehicles! by Citi-Tech Blogger Viki Bailey

Let’s See More Hybrid Vehicles! by Citi-Tech Blogger Viki Bailey

Photo Credit: MIT Technology Review

I have always wondered why car dealerships do not push to sell hybrid vehicles like they push to sale non-hybrid vehicles. I visited a car dealership just to experiment if the dealer would push the hybrid model and  oppose the non-hybrid model. The non-hybrid model was pushed upon me even after I said no for about six times. To have a good understanding for hybrid cars as is well needed among the public. I wish I can see more commercials and news stories about hybrid cars and less about backup cameras, self-driving cars, or lane detection technology. I wish there were more places like public charging stations on each corner as opposed to cellphone charging or emergency call kiosks.

What are hybrid cars? To my understanding they are cars that have two motors – an electric motor and a gasoline powered motor. A vehicle is a hybrid if it utilizes more than one form of onboard energy to achieve propulsion. To my understanding, that means a hybrid will have a traditional internal-combustion engine and a fuel tank, as well as one or more electric motors and a battery pack. The reason for two motors? The electric motor is better during stand time like in a traffic jam and the gas motor do better during highway high speed runs. I would like to see more charging kiosk for hybrid cars that would encourage buyers to invest.

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