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Devastated Caribbean Island Needs Help by CityTech blogger David Perez Ramos

The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season have been one of the most overwhelming periods for natural disasters to many countries, especially Caribbean island nations. As we have seen, the pass of hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria have also caused massive damage to the North American continent. The States of Texas and Florida suffered catastrophic flooding, infrastructure and property damage costing the United States of America billions of dollars. Harvey could be the costliest disaster in U.S history. The U.S can recover thanks to the help of federal funding and resources in their possession, but what about undeveloped Caribbean islands?

One of the most affected islands in the Caribbean was Puerto Rico. After receiving a lot of damage from Hurricane Irma, Puerto Rico was hit right after by Hurricane Maria which intensified the damage from the previous hurricane. Almost the whole island is without power and thousands of people have lost their houses due to the massive flooding caused by Hurricane Maria. As of today, 10 people have been found dead and the number may rise when more reports come in. According to The Washington Post, Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz from Puerto Rico urges others to help the island. People are without medication, drinking water or food. These reports have reached Puerto Ricans in the U.S and a lot of organizations and Puerto Rican celebrities have come together to send help to these people in need. Even the House Speaker of the US promises aid to the victims in Puerto Rico. According to officials, it will take approximately three weeks for hospital to regain power and about six months for the rest of the country to have electricity.

It is at moments like this that humanity comes together to help each other and we must donate and help those in need.

Photo Credit: AP

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  1. Thanks for posting this; it’s very troubling that PR is still without power and the official death count is still unknown, but feared very high. I was hoping you’d mention these hurricanes and how they are impacted by climate change/sea level rise. Perhaps you might consider making that connection in your next post.,

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