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Home Impacts Regional Asia Sea Level Rise threatens Bangledeshs’ Existence by CityTech blogger Arman Sarowar

Sea Level Rise threatens Bangledeshs’ Existence by CityTech blogger Arman Sarowar

Bangladesh, a small third world country located east-south Asia has: a population of 164 million people in a total land area of 50,300 square miles, which means that it is roughly about 3,200 people per square mile. To get a better picture of how big the entire size of Bangladesh is, picture the size of New York State. However, the massive concentration of people in such a small area is not what the real problem is for the future of Bangladesh. The real problem is the possibility of Bangladesh being under water in the future. This means 165 million lives are in danger here! According to Scientific American, a three-foot rise in sea level would submerge almost 20 percent of the country and displace more than 30 million people. The actual rise of sea level by the year 2100 may be significantly more.


Almost a quarter of Bangladesh is less than seven feet above sea level and two-thirds of the country is less than 15 feet above sea level. Most of Bengalis live along coastal areas where the soils there provide some of the best farmland in the country. Already in certain parts of Bangladesh this sea level problem is more than obvious. Structures are being built to avoid being flooded in the future if sea levels do rise. In the remote village of Premasia, Bangladesh, visible remains of past floods can be witnessed where croplands are permanently ruined from salt deposits. Their three-story concrete school is raised on stilts.


The reason for the rise of sea level near Bangladesh is that sea surface temperatures in the shallow Bay of Bengal have significantly increased, which scientists believe has caused Bangladesh to suffer some of the fastest recorded sea level rises in the world. In these past years, between 50,000 and 200,000 people have been displaced annually due to riverbank erosion.

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  1. mistyUser

    thanks for commenting, Lauren. Yes, Arman raises some serious issues that will be with us for a long time, perhaps there will be constructive answers and positive developments to fend off SLR

  2. Lauren A

    What do you see the future of Bangladesh being if the sea level rise continues? Sea surface temperatures increasing is definitely a cause for concern. Do you know of any ways to protect the land from sea level rise? You mention structures being built, have these been effective and what materials do they use? Thank you for sharing what is going on in Bangladesh. The amount of people being displaced is terrible and I hope that the structures being built will prevent more people from having to move in the future.

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