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Home Science Causes Fossil Fuels and Global Warming by City Tech Blogger Lok Ting Wong

Fossil Fuels and Global Warming by City Tech Blogger Lok Ting Wong

Humans have come to rely heavily on fossil fuels but most people don’t know how they affect the climate. In this decade, climate change is the world’s biggest problem. How do we solve the problem of climate change? This is an important problem we all need to think about. Global warming has been, in part, characterized by extreme weather patterns. There is no doubt that fossil fuels are one of the main causes of climate change. Currently, our main energy sources are derived from utilizing fossil fuels. However, the use fossil fuel comes at a cost to the environment. Climate change is having a significant impact on animals, plants, and sea levels. Most of the greenhouse gas such as CO2 comes from burning fossil fuels, which causes the greenhouse effect. In order to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels we need to invest in reasonable energy sources.


The graph above is the Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Gas. The data shows the carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect. It is released mostly by human activities such as burning fossil fuel, industrial processes, deforestation, and improper uses of land. Methane, nitrous oxide, and fluorinated gases are other greenhouse gases which cause a rise temperature.


The graph above is the Global Carbon emissions from fossil fuels, 1990 – 2014. The data shows that levels of carbon dioxide have increased each year. This means the rise in temperature is directly related to the use of  fossil fuels. By utilizing renewable energy sources we can steadily reduce the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere.


The image above depicts various carbon emission scenarios and the affect on glaciers. The data shows that the polar ice caps are melting at an alarming rate due to high levels of CO2 and how those levels are seriously affecting the environment. The picture also shows when there is a decrease in the use of fossil fuels, the environment improves, and therefore, I believe we can preserve the environment but conserve energy.  Finally, we can see the relationship between burning fossil fuels and global warming. Each year the effects of global warming are getting worse. People should think about ways we can stop climate change. One of those ways is to use renewable energy sources, which will reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.


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  1. Compliments to factually putting forward your view. Interestingly though, today is International Mother Earth Day, and yet again, humanity fails to take heed to these evidences/symptoms/warnings that are more glaring than before. In view of these highlighted realities, I beg to differ that in this decade “Climate Change is the world’s biggest problem”. In my opinion, Climate Change is a global concern; not the biggest. It is not.
    The main/biggest problem seems to be associated with morale: people are reluctant to change from their normal, carefree actions when it comes to planet Earth. If humanity does not heed to the call of changing this deadly course, then the horrendous cascading effects will become a reality. Of paramount importance, I firmly stand with you and advocate for the dire need to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by using renewable energy. Globally, two ways to do this are to use solar panels and hydro-power stations to produce energy. Re-education is what we need!

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