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Home Science Causes Global Warming Related To Extreme Weather and Possible Solutions by City Tech Blogger Lok Ting Wong

Global Warming Related To Extreme Weather and Possible Solutions by City Tech Blogger Lok Ting Wong

Some people may ask, what is the relationship between extreme weather and global warming? I can affirm the two components are indeed related to each other. Many extreme weather events have taken place all around the world, and recent data has shown extreme is more frequent and severe than ever before. As we know, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing each year. Carbon dioxide emissions do not only increase the temperature of the earth, but it also causes extreme weather events to occur more frequently in forms of prolonged droughts, heat waves, storms, and heavy snowfall. People use fossil fuels as an energy resource, and in doing so, more carbon dioxide is released into the air contributing to extreme weather events.  For example, the rise of sea levels, which is the result of glaciers melting because ocean temperatures have increased, or the high temperatures evaporating the water in the air causing rainstorms and floods to occur more often.


The graph above is the Global Temperature change from 1880 to 2016. The data shows how the temperatures have increased each year, as well as when record-breaking temperatures occurred.  There is no  evidence that the temperature will decrease in the future if people keep harming the environment. What can we do now in order to reduce the temperature? A simple solution would be to reduce energy consumption. For example, people should take public transportation or walk to their destination. The earth needs everyone to protect it. If people do not change their lifestyle and get out of their comfort zone, the earth will  get worse every year. If everyone  makes one small decision in order to protect the environment, the city will  get better too. It is the most effective way to prevent the extreme weather that takes place in our world.

Besides affecting the environment, extreme weather events can cause direct loss of property and human life. The graph above shows the number of natural loss events that took place  in the United States, and how that number of natural events has increased each year. This is a result of Global warming. The earth is the only place we can live; we should protect it, not to harm it. Therefore, if people want to reduce the natural events, everyone should do more in order to save our earth, such as  doing more geo-scientific research  so we can have a better understanding of  how to efficaciously prevent the environment from becoming worse and reduce the damage of these natural events.

Finally, we can see the relationship between extreme weather and global warming. If people keep harming the earth, the extreme weather will continue to increase and it will  cause a lot of damage to every human being on earth. People should find a way to reduce the increasing temperatures in our earth in order to reduce the extreme weather patterns. Therefore, everyone has the responsibility to protect our earth.

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