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Welcome to ClimateYou!


Are YOU interested in learning about the causes, impacts, and policy of global climate change?


Do YOU want to talk about global climate change with others from around the world? Visit our blog to start sharing now!


Are YOU ready to take action in the fight against climate change in your community?

If so, ClimateYou is the right place for YOU!

Our focus at Climate You is to teach YOU about all aspects of global climate change and to encourage YOU to take action in the fight against it. YOU can make a difference, the time to start is now, and ClimateYou is the place.

Come join us!

ClimateYou provides people of all ages, interests, education levels and professions with a place to learn about climate change. At ClimateYou, you will find out about the causes and effects of climate change, interact with others from around the world, document your own local climate change, and discover ways to respond. ClimateYou is your place.

ClimateYou helps you:

• Learn the facts about climate change
• Follow the latest news on its many aspects
• Share your views with others
• Get involved in your own community’s climate change efforts.

You can participate in ClimateYou by:
• Making suggestions how ClimateYou could be better
• Telling us what you’re doing about climate change personally and in your community.

Who are we?

George Ropes, Senior Editor and CY contributor, is retired from a career in international relief and development work. He has lived and worked in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. He is especially interested in how climate change affects the health and food security of people living in the developing world.

Abby Luby, Editor, contributor, an environmental journalist who has written about climate change and nuclear power for news outlets in the greater, New York City metropolitan area, including the New York Daily News. She has been contributing and overseeing  ClimateYou for the past year.

Paul Rivers, Associate Editor, contributor, is a graduate student at Hunter College’s M.A program in Geography. He has worked for numerous environmental non-profit’s and academic institutions. He believes in and writes about climate change awareness and behavior change to effect broader action.



All of the images found  ClimateYou (unless otherwise noted) have been provided by Andrew Dillon Bustin. Please visit http:///www.windburnedstallion.com for more information on his work.

Some of the principals of ClimateYou work at the Columbia University Center for Climate Systems Research. However, any contributions they make to ClimateYou are solely their own.The Center for Climate Systems Research is not responsible for any content on ClimateYou.


2 Responses

  1. mistyUser

    Hi Jonathan. Thanks for replying and posting your comment on Climateyou. You are absolutely right. Artists, writers, musicians and all other creative folk should tap into the incredible scenario of the present and communicate their take on global warming to the world. We will check out your website and your writings and perhaps we can help spread the word and your name via our blog or other ClimateYou social media.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi George and Abby,

    My name is Jon, a climate activist and writer. I like what I’ve read about your organization, and I’d like to know how I can contribute!

    The climate crisis is obviously the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced, but I think it is also the most inspiring — yet there seems to be a paucity of good literature on the subject at the moment. I’m not talking the realm of nonfiction; I’m talking about stories. Good, compelling stories, whether fictional or not. The world is ending around us, but where are all the great epics to hold back the sea? It’s kind of bizarre that there hasn’t been more written about climate change from a fictional perspective.

    I decided to fill the gap, and I set out to write the novelization of climate change. I took all the science, the political strife, and the apocalyptic imagery and turned it into a narrative that I think could change climate discourse for the better. If we’re going to solve this crisis, we can’t leave it to the scientists alone — everyone needs to come together on this, and artists and writers are at the forefront of change. I want to create an institution for sharing climate stories and art, whether it’s a protest song, a painting, or really form of expression that climate change has inspired. It’s time to bring artists into the fold.

    Anyway, that’s what my plan is. It sounds like your project aligns with that goal quite nicely. If you would like to read some of my work, check out my website on Medium: https://medium.com/@albatrossity

    And if you’d like to learn more about my novel, please feel free to email me, or you can check it out at this link: http://www.amazon.com/Age-Suicide-J-R-Kirsch/dp/0997469307/

    My best,
    Jon Kirsch

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