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Sectoral Climate Impacts

Climate affects everything, from whether we feel hot or cold outside to what crops grow where. Climate change will do likewise. Will cities on the coasts flood more often? Will more frequent heat waves stress elderly people? Will there be enough food to eat and water to drink? Will some plants and animals become extinct?

Sea-Level Rise and Coastal Flooding

Rising sea levels present an increased risk of flooding to those living near coasts and on low-lying islands. Warmer ocean water will damage coastal ecosystems, especially coral reefs.

Human Health

Higher rates of injury and death from heat waves, droughts, and floods can be expected, as these extreme events increase with global warming. Climate change also may affect the geographical spread of diseases carried by insects and other vectors.

Agriculture and Food

For the entire globe, food production may be maintained for a certain period of time because higher carbon dioxide levels should help to promote crop growth and yield. However, temperature rise will eventually cause food production to decline and increase the risk of hunger, especially in developing countries.

Ecosystems and Biodiversity

Changing climate will cause ecosystems to shift their locations. Warming temperatures are also likely to place more species at risk of extinction.

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