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Green vehicles are a notable technology now being adopted by more and more people.

Hybrid vehicles

Cars using hybrid engines are powered by both electricity and gasoline, and can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles, which represent almost 30% of all U.S. emissions.  The ability to run on two different fuel sources allows these vehicles to get better fuel mileage, allowing their operators to fill up less often and therefore save money as well reduce their carbon footprint.

Fuel cells

Another technology being used in cars is fuel cells.  Fuel cells work by combining hydrogen and oxygen to create electricity, which powers the vehicle.  Fuel cell powered cars emit no greenhouse gases, just water.

Driving green

If you can’t purchase a new, green vehicle, you can still make your old car more environmentally friendly by smart driving.  Drive smoothly, without jackrabbit starts or sudden stops.  Don’t exceed the speed limit.  Check your tire pressure regularly and keep your tires fully inflated.  Don’t leave your engine idling.

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